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Akhtar Ali

Akhtar Ali

Whilst Akhtar Ali was born in Yorkshire, he moved to Birmingham with his parents at an early age, where he went on to study MAS (Managerial & Administrative Studies) specialising in Law at Aston University. Akhtar entered the world of work with a short stint with West Midlands Police before joining the utility industry, working for Xoserve, Transco, National Grid and now Cadent Gas (Gas Distribution Company).

He went on to gain a wealth of experiences and a diverse perspective of data from his various roles, including Data Supply Management, Contract Management, Regulatory Reporting, leading to the current position of Data Governance Specialist for Cadent Gas. During this journey Akhtar has had the opportunity to work and knowledge transfer from the likes of EY, DAMA and other members of the communities of practices. This has allowed Akhtar to create the Data Governance (DG) organisation within Cadent and now chair the DG council meetings. Akhtar is seen as the go to person within the fledging Information Team and leads many of the strategic DG work.

Away from work Akhtar spends time with his young children, either standing in the cold as his 8 year old play football for his school team or trying to get his knees in to the pool whilst his 5 year old practices his swimming, this is a challenge since Akhtar stands at over 6ft tall. He also enjoys cycling, rock climbing and general keep fit.

Therefore Akhtar brings a fresh perspective to the world of data as having felt the pain as a customer and facilitating data issues for some of the largest gas shippers in the UK.